Fun With Finger Puppets!
Fun With Finger Puppets!

Teenagers love to express themselves and put on a show for younger kids.



Welcome to Puppet Works!

At Puppet Works we teach the art of puppet making. Through workshops targeted towards specific education levels and goals, children (and adults!) put their imagination and story-telling skills to work, creating puppets and memories that will last a lifetime! 

If you need a birthday party or celebration with a difference, how about a Puppet Party? Such fun!!

Puppet Works comes to you! We have our own transportation, and three portable puppet theatres for interactive play, performing to an audience, and a shadow puppet theatre with lamp.  We even have a puppet costume that can be used as a portable stage for hand and mouth puppets.

Whether you're a parent, school, community group, children's service, museum, or library, Puppet Works can devise an event or program for you.  Anything is possible. Ready to book a workshop, a show or have a special request? Contact us and we'll be happy to discuss your specific needs.  It's time to with Puppet Works!

Workshops, shows and parties

Puppet Parties and Shows

Puppet shows and making activities are great fun for a party.  We entertain on many themes, eg. Animals, Knights Princesses and Dragons, Superheroes etc.  The children can watch a show or two, then make their own puppet and improvise -  We provide other fun activities, like dancing, 'pin the tail on the dragon'.  You can mix and match to suit your child's interests!


Age 3 and younger

A play activity with a carer, using ready-made puppets or one carer and child create together.

Enhances interaction and language development.  Fun for both you and your child!

Ages 4-7

Children make their own puppet - glove, shadow or finger puppet.  Bring their imaginations to life, watch them get absorbed into their own story - develop their technical skills and let them make something unique and special.

Ages 8-12

​Older children can make many kinds of puppets, and create and perform their own stories. Encourages social interaction and develops language skills.  

Ages 13+

Children and young adults can make more complex puppets, such as 3D rod puppets and marionettes.  

Wellbeing Groups

Workshops for any age where working through difficult situations and emotions is the focus. Safe and confidential one-on-one or small group format. 

Special Needs

Puppetry is a means of expression and our workshops encourage learning that is inclusive.  For children and adults with physical or learning difficulties.


Fetes and Festivals

​Do you have a special event coming up?  Puppet Works has provided shows for all ages at annual village fairs and other celebrations.  It's lovely to have entertainments for children throughout the day that they can enjoy.  We can provide shows from the beautiful kiosk, story telling and of course, they could make a puppet as well.


Puppet party with shows and puppet making for all ages!