About Puppet Works

Puppet Works is run by Caroline. She created it so that she could combine her lifelong love of arts and crafts, with her years of teaching experience.  She designs and crafts all of her own puppets by hand, and she's passionate about helping children learn, grow and have fun through the art of puppet making.  You can read more about her experience in both art and education below, but if you're ready to book a workshop, contact Puppet Works for more info!  It's time to imagine...make...play!

Hear from Caroline:

I enjoyed a number of jobs in my early twenties, including nursing and driving buses (back in the days of the double-decker!), but when I began my Art Teaching degree, I knew that I found my place.  I studied at what is now Leeds Metropolitan University, majoring in Combined Arts. I obtained a 1st Class B.Ed. Honours degree with my final year focusing on - you guessed it - Puppetry! What I loved about it was that it combines so many different kinds of art: sculpture, painting, textiles, music, theatre, story-telling, dance, fashion.  The list could go on! I also loved being with the kids, not just teaching art, but also teaching Maths, Literacy and P.E., especially Dance.  

My teaching career has been incredibly varied.  I have been Head of P.E., taught Traveller children, and have been a ​Special Needs Coordinator. That role really required all my teaching skills! I still do Maths tutoring, which I really enjoy.

After twenty-five years I eventually left teaching, partly due to the ever declining focus on art in education, but also because I just needed a change! For the next eight years I worked in Norwich and Norfolk with women and children who were victims of crime.  It has given me much deeper insight into what can help people understand and manage their feelings.

I completed a Foundation course in Art Therapy with the Eastern Tree Foundation, and have done various voluntary work with mental health services.  Also I have volunteered at the hospitla on the Children's Ward making and entertaining children with puppets.

Making puppets is about invention, creativity, art, craft, story-telling, drama -  all the things I enjoy!  I'm excited to finally bring all the threads of my experience and interests together to bring the children of Norwich and Norfolk easier access to this means of creativity and expression. 

-- Caroline


"My daughter had a wonderful time making her fairy puppet.  She's only six but was determined to make it her own work.  She enjoyed making it and acting out a show, all around the house, with her friends."

Elise Deadman


Watercolor Paintings

Gifts and Edibles 

Watercolor is one of the medias that I find most difficult (there isn't much room for error!) so I made an effort to relearn this skill by painting scenes of Branston in Norfolk where I spend time with my partner on his boat. 

All of the the projects in this gallery were gifts. I like to try my hand at anything from sewing, knitting, ceramics and cooking. All of these projects were made from scratch. 

Arts, Crafts and More!

Morston Creek (Blakeney Church)
Morston Creek (Blakeney Church)

Water colour on paper.

Brancaster Staithe
Brancaster Staithe

Water colour on paper

Morston Creek (Blakeney Church)
Morston Creek (Blakeney Church)

Water colour on paper.


Puppet Works allows me to combine my teaching expertise with my interest in the art of puppet making. But, in my spare time I like to try my hand at just about anything! Below you'll find a gallery of my water color paintings, and a collection of miscellaneous other craft projects. I'll be adding more so check back often!


"Caroline, thanks for the lovely fairy puppet.  It was my neice' favouriite present yesterday" - Julie x

Later, Grandma said that Isabelle takes it everywhere (and it is now a bit battered)She wants to order another puppet for her other grandchild.