Puppet Works workshops are very flexible and can be structure to suit your needs. Whether held at a school, club, or even at your own home, they can target any educational need or goal. Learn more about what our different workshops can achieve, or contact us for more information. Let's!

Ages 3 and Younger

Young children can use our ready made puppets, or make their own together with their carer. Interacting with puppets will assist in language development, and enhance motor skills and coordination, all while having fun! Puppets help in areas of learning such as counting, vocabulary and singing in a way that is fun and memorable! Professionals in caring fields. such as Social Workers, will find that Puppet Works workshops are a really great way to develop interaction between family members.

Ages 4-7

Kids in this age group are really developing their imaginations, and their creativity will take any kind of craft by storm. They now have the skills to start making their own puppets, and can use them to bring their stories to life. Whether with hand, shadow or finger puppets, participants in Puppet Works workshops will begin to learn the structure and lanbguage of narrative. They will improve their concentration span, their team-work skills, and their rechnical skills, all while making something completely unique. 


Ages 8-12

At this age children can make many kinds of puppets, and create and perform their own stories. This encourages social interaction and develops language skills. In a school setting, they can devise scenarios linked to any area of study, for example: childhood during World War II. They can develop their learning in many areas, especially Literacy. In clubs, children get to practice team-work while improving their technical skills.

Ages 13+

Teenagers and young adults can make more complex puppets, such as 3D rod puppets and marionettes. They may enjoy the challenge of devising their own methods of manipulation, and give more ‘polish’ to their puppets. Puppetry can assist children in exploring their physical development and feelings, as well as the outside world. Older children very much enjoy helping younger ones, or creating shows for a younger audience. They can work together on longer sustained projects, and often enjoy recording their performances.

Wellbeing Groups

Wellbeing Group workshops are for any age, and can follow a one-on-one format or small group setting.  In them, children or adults can make their own puppets or use ready-made ones to explore emotions and feelings. Participants can make their own character and feel safe expressing personal feelings through the puppet.  They can use the puppets to work through difficult scenarios such as an illness or conflict in the family.  Puppet Works provides a confidential, safe environment for children and their families.

Special Needs Children and Adults

Puppetry is a means of expression, and our workshops encourage learning that is inclusive. Designed for children and adults with physical or learning difficulties, participants in these workshops have the opportunity to engage in the art of puppet-making in a supportive and positive environment.  One-on-one, the participant, their carer and the Puppet Works leader, can target a specific area to work on, such as speech development, motor control, expression or literacy.  Extensive communication and planning ensures all necessary factors are taken into consideration.


Your chilld could have a truly original party with a difference.  You can book shows on any theme, have story telling with improvisation and participation, puppet making as well, where they make up shows using their own creations.  Pick & mix to suit the child's interests.  Other games or dancing can all be included!

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