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Puppets by Caroline including those for sale

A selection of puppets made by Caroline of Puppet Works. The entire collection includes some that are over twenty years old, and newer ones inspired by our favorite stories. 

Puppets are made to order on any theme or style.  Prices range from £7 - £100 depending on materials used and complexity. Please see prices below.

Kids love making puppets and so do we!  Here is where you'll find photos of Puppet Works events and creations.  Check back often to find out what we've been up to.



Masai warrior wife (with papier mache head)  £100


Masai warrior husband (with papier mache head) - £100 


Glove puppets


Donkey (papier mache head) - £40


Sheep (papier mache head) - £35


Witch (with finger puppet familiar on hat) - £35


Dumbledoor - £35


Bat Man (character puppet) - £30


Princess - £20


Mouth puppets


Crocodile – Tock from Peter Pan - £15


Snake - £10


African animals (sock puppets) including Zebra, elephant, giraffe etc. - £15


Rod puppets


Fairy (plastic head) with wand guitar - £25


2D Flat Shadow Puppets of card or acetate (transparent)


Minion (Card) - £8


All Transparent Sacred Indian animals and Ramayana characters, eg. Sita and Tiger etc - £12 each


Finger puppets


Speckled frogs - £4 each


£15 for the set of five speckled frogs

Ready-made puppets price list.

Made to Order Puppets


All types of puppets can be made to order and designed specifically to suit the customer’s request. The final, actual cost will be arrived at through discussion about the puppet’s qualities and features. The costs below are estimates and subject to some variation.  However, if the price below is quoted you can buy on line.


Complex marionette (6 strings puppet), figures and animals etc. eg. with sculptured paper mache head - £100


Simpler marionette, eg. those with only four strings and wooden, plastic or fabric head - £60


Complex glove puppet with sculptured paper mache head - £40


Simpler glove puppet with wooden, plastic or fabric head - £30


Human mouth puppet (as simple glove version but with moveable mouth) - £35


Animal mouth puppet - £20


(Glove and mouth puppet with legs – additional £5)


Complex 3D rod (stick) puppet with sculptured paper mache head - £45


Simpler 3D rod (stick) puppet with wooden, plastic or fabric head - £25


2D rod (stick) flat shadow puppet made of card or acetate (transparent) - £11


Finger puppets £7


Prices can vary according to how elaborate the puppet and the quality of fabrics used. For example an Indian lady puppet with jewellery and highly decorated silk sari would be more expensive.Shipping, post and packing is not included in the above price.There is no VAT to add to these prices.

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