Puppet Making with Families & Kids

Kids and mums came and made glove puppets, fairies, a princess, a snake and Spiderman! Lounes made a story - Snake captures Princess/ Spiderman rescues Princess by killing Snake/Spiderman takes Princess to castle (puppet playpen) as she is injured/Fairies magic Princess back to health.

All puppets were made by children and mums then played with together Imagine...make...play....

It was such fun!!

Mum/Aunt, Vicki Styles:

"Today we have spent a great afternoon making princess and fairy puppets. the girls have been so involved in the creation of their puppet beauties, so many colours, materials and textures to inspire them.

A definite MUST DO for all ages - Thank You!"

Lucy Deadman aged 8:

"Me and Evie made fairies and Freya made a princess. Liam made a snake and Lounes made Spiderman. We had a lovely day, thanks to Caroline. We all learnt some new skill and if we ever want to, we can make our own. (I would improve stitching) Thank you, Caroline. From Lucy, Evie and Freya."

Elise Deadman, Mum:

" Both me and my daughter thoroughly enjoyed the session as it was colourful, hands on play and inspired the kiddies' imagination and mine! A very enjoyable two hours, thank you."

Sylwia Hamoudi, Mum:

"I went with my two boys, Lounes and Liam and they just loved it. I would recommend to other mums."

Lounes, aged 6:

"She (Freya) made a puppet. It was perfect."

#puppets #handpuppets #family #fun #spiderman #princess

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